Monday, 12 November 2012

DIY Leopard Fur Hat

Hello, dear readers!
Here I am , with another portion of inspiration and DIY ideas!
A couple of weeks ago I spotted a gorgeous fur leopard hat with ears at Zara..but unfortunately it was way too small for my head ( a lot of brains haha).
So I came up with the idea of making the same thing, but of the right size.

Here's the Zara hat)

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I'll try to explain:)

1. Firstly, make a pattern. For this you should measure your head ( I have 54 sm) and then divide it into 6- this will be the width of each piece. The hight can be anything you like, but you'd better take 17-20 sm.
2. Cut the pattern for the hat itself and for the ears.
3. Cut six equal pieces of fir and of fabric as well- this will be the lining of your hat.
4. Sew together all the fur pieces side by side. Do the same with the fabric pieces.
5. Put the lining into the fur hat, fold the edges and sew them together.
6. Mark the place where you gonna place the ears and attach them to the hat.
7. Enjoy the result!)

How it looks on me


  1. такая милая! *_*
    а шапочка - вообще чудо)

  2. Hola!! Hermoso proyect!! Te voy a linkear en un post!! Besos!!