Sunday, 18 March 2012

Red is the New Black

You can judge by the red colour of my ears that it was freezing outside and the wind nearly knocked me off.. but I was desperate to show my "new" red dress that I actually wore last time about 4 years ago, so it became a little bit unfashionable:) But I gave it nice refresh and I fell in love with it for the second time!
Some clothes just need to get a second chance.

dress: DIY
Clutch: vintage
Necklace: from a small shop in California


  1. I'm glad that you gave the red dress a second chance, dearest Mary. Because you look so beautiful and feminine in it. I love how the low-cut front compliments your luxurious curves and teases us with a discreet look at your breasts. And I just love how your long elegant legs are shown off by the short dress, the heels, and the black nylon. It just proves what many people say: That russian ladies are the most beautiful, the most feminine, and the sexiest in th world. Thank you, Mary, for being so sexy, too, and for sharing it with us.

  2. Thank you sooo much, dear Karsten!!<3
    Your words are really important for me!)