Tuesday, 24 July 2012

DIY Chanel inspired neon tee

Hi, my dear reader!!)

Sorry for not posting for almost a month.. I was very busy working in Moscow, so keep waiting for the fresh photos that will appear really soooon!:)

And now a small and easy tutorial for you. I had a full bottle of pink neon paint left, so I decided to turn my simple and quite boring tee into something nicer.

1. First, choose and print a picture of your future pattern. It can be anything, but I chose the Chanel logo)
2. Cut it and pin it onto your tee.
3. Make an outline using the same paint or a pencil..a small piece of soap will work perfectly on dark fabric.
4. Remove your pattern and carefully cover all the surface with paint.
5. Let it dry a few hours, then turn your tee over and iron it in order to fix your print.
6. Enjoy the result!)

A little bit more of inspiration


  1. love your master class! very fashionable!!!

  2. omg thats great...but i dont see u follow me:)

  3. it's a great DIY! thanks for sharing
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  4. Such brilliant results!
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    Have a fab weekend xoxo
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  6. That is so cute :3
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  7. Very good! I love it! I love neon so much!