Wednesday, 1 August 2012

DIY Peacock feather necklace

Hi, my lovely readers!!
Just yesterday I was cleaning my bedroom and came across some wonderful peacock feathers. So today I'm gonna show you an easy way to make a stunning peacock necklace in seconds!)It really took about 5-10 minutes to make let's not waste our time and get started.

1. You'll need: a feather, a piece of chain, 2 detached rings, a lobster claw clasp and finally a spring to connect your feather to a chain ( you can find it in any fabric or accessories shop).

2. Cut the peacock feather at the desirable length, then secure it firmly with a spring and attach it to a chain.

3. Attach a ring to the one end of the chain, and the clasp- to the other.

4. Honestly, that's it. How incredibly easy was that?!

You can wear your necklace close to the collar of a shirt

or you can make it looser using a longer chain.


  1. it looks great! love how it looks paired with a collared shirt :)

  2. Such a gorgeous and easy DIY!
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  3. Great style , I love very much those shorts !